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Carr Farm Reservoir, North West England


  • Client : Pollybells Farms Ltd  
  • Type : Reservoir construction  
  • Value : £106,800
  • Completion Date :  June 2013  


1. Keeping the area of the works clear of water throughout the  construction period and for the removal of all water from the site arising from whatever cause

2. Excavate, load and transport fill material and for compacting various types of material to the required specification

3. Excavation trial holes to a depth of 2 metres

4. Excavation trial holes to a depth of 4 metres

5. Remove 300mm layer topsoil from the area within outside crest foot print and compact into outer embankment

6. Excavate 3m wide key trench along the embankment centreline 0.6m below top of best virgin clay. Compact arisings into inside shoulder

7. Excavate clay and compact into key trench, embankment and core, best clay to core

8. Blade topsoil from downstream shoulders over crest and down upstream batter to top water level in 0.2m thick layer

9. Rework 0.5m thickness of clay floor to optimise compaction and seal fissuring

Booton Reservoir, East Anglia
Chaucer High School, Northern England


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