• Client : Land & Water Services  
  • Type :  Phase one marina construction  
  • Value : £750,000
  • Completion Date :  May - August 2017  


A J Morris were commissioned to carry out the bulk earthworks of the first phase of the 500 berth marina in Olney, Warwickshire.

The materials on site were balanced to ensure that there was enough materials to create the outer embankments, access road, islands and platforms as well as landscaping of the amenity areas. 3D and GPS technology was used to deliver the complex contours and profiling required. A J Morris delivered a complete service, providing all engineering services including setting out, compliance testing and verification checking. We also commissioned the panel and reservoir engineers to ensure that the marina was constructed to the highest standards. The topsoil was stripped and re-used for landscaping, the subsoil was reused to form the outer embankments, and the excavated clay was reused to line the marina.